Tattoo shop near me


For any Tattoo information please contact us on the below number or Email. And you can also find us on social websites.We always welcome walk-ins, but if you’d like to guarantee your artist is available, please stop by to set up an appointment.

Mobile & Whats App No.


For Whats app customers

  • All incoming Whats app messages is handled by our owner Varun Goud.
  • The more information you can give us about the task at hand, the better it is going to be.
  • Please include 2-6 images for reference. If you have existing tattoos on the area we will be working on, please include photos of these as well.
  • Remember that all tattoos are designed for the individual client, and we don’t prefer copy work of other tattoo artists unless you insight on it
  • You should expect a reply less than one hour on business days under normal circumstances.



Tattoo shop near me

V Square Hygienic Tattoo Studio,

Jammuna Towers,




Land Mark – Exactly opposite to Yashodha Hospital and Malakpet Metro Pillar No. 21. Tattoo shop near me

Google Map Link –

Tattoo shop near me
V Square tattoo studio Map

Our tattoo studio is located very near to MGBS Bus Stand Imlibun, so customers from anywhere in Telangana can easily reach us. Its is on the main road, so need not walk or drive anywhere inside , to be more precised it is on the Vijayawada highway (State Highway No.65), The only Exclusive tattoo studio on its way starting from Hayathnagar, vanasthalipuram, LB nagar, Kothapet, chaitanyapuri, Dilsukhnagar Moosarambagh and Malakpet.

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